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Watch the OSPAs webinar on 'The Effective Management of Security Incidents: is security maximising its potential?'

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Watch the recent OSPAs Thought Leadership webinar in which Paul Miller on behalf of ECHO joins representatives Suzette Po-Williams from Central Monitoring Services in Australia and Samrendra Mohan Kumar of Mitkat Advisory Services in India to discuss some of the different approaches around the world for the initial notification and management of security, considering their benefits and drawbacks, and potential futures of incident management.

Paul Miller highlights how the new ECHO system is helping security to maximise its potential in the UK by effectively optimising automation and reducing human intervention to secure the fastest response in arriving at alarmed premises, improve incident clear-up rates, save lives and act as a greater deterrence.

The panel discuss how digitalisation and technical developments are creating opportunities requiring carefully managed integration of people and technology.

Watch the 45 minute webinar here