Intruder and Hold-up Alarm Transfer Service

Connecting alarms to police responders

Introducing ECHO

ECHO is a not-for-profit organisation delivering automated transmission of alarm signalling and messaging between ARCs and blue light services, reducing delays in the despatch of blue light responders to emergencies. As more emergency services become ECHO connected during 2021 the service has the potential to mitigate circumstances as blue light services arrive more quickly at addresses where alarm signals have been activated.

The automation of processing between emergency services and Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) helps improve use of resources by all parties involved in alarm monitoring and response.

The BSIA, NSI, FIA and ECA are playing a key role in ensuring the development of the ECHO service. It presents a significant opportunity to facilitate more efficient use of emergency services, and is an example of how collaboration between blue light services and the private sector is delivering effective change

ECHO launched Spring 2021

Listen to ECHO General Manager, Mark Taylor's interview with PSI Magazine discussing latest developments on the ECHO initiative. 

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