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Automated Alarm Transfer Service

Connecting Intruder and Hold-up Alarms to Police Responders

Introducing ECHO

ECHO is a not-for-profit organisation delivering automated alarm signalling and messaging between ARCs and blue light services, speeding up deployment of blue light responders to emergencies. As more emergency services become ECHO-connected the potential for more rapid intervention of responders at alarmed addresses is widening.

In the UK, there are currently over 300,000 ECHO-connected alarmed sites on ‘police response’. Should their alarms be activated police response is estimated at 1-4 minutes quicker as a direct result of being ECHO-connected. Police Forces are continuing to take steps to get ECHO-connected, improve their response to Intruder and Hold-up alarms, deliver better outcomes to victims of crime - and greater deterrence. See the list of ECHO-connected police forces. 

ECHO automation between the Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) monitoring those sites and emergency services has been key. They together with industry organisations - the BSIA, NSI, FIA and ECA played a key role in the development of the ECHO service. ECHO now presents a significant opportunity to facilitate more effective deployment of emergency services, and is an example of how collaboration between blue light services and the private sector can deliver better outcomes for the victims of crime.

Watch now to learn more

Listen to ECHO’s interview with PSI Magazine discussing latest developments at ECHO.

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