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Proving the ‘ECHO' concept – an ARC perspective

Banham's Roger Kay - embracing the concept of centralised alarm messaging.

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Banham ARC are fully supportive of the aims of ECHO, and keen to take advantage of such a system to enable rapid, secure and unambiguous communication from ARC to the responding blue light services. In conjunction with National Monitoring and Essex Police we have successfully demonstrated that the network can pass a Banham “URN” to Essex with the correct “sending ARC” appended to the message. Every ARC should be right behind this project, and having a partner we rely on to send us network traffic 24x7x365 such as CSL can only serve to increase the accessibility to every ARC in the UK.”

 A number of alarm receiving centres have point-to-point connections into police control rooms enabling them to deliver alarm messages directly. This method is not scalable as the number of point-to-point connections required between individual alarm receiving centres and police forces would exceed 3000!’

Commenting on behalf of ECHO, Dave Wilkinson of the BSIA, one of the ECHO co-founding trade bodies said: ‘We are pleased to see this trial has gone well and it is a step closer to proving the concept of a centralised service delivering alarm messages from multiple ARCs to multiple blue light command & Control systems. ECHO’s technical group are close to finalising the protocols to enable such a delivery platform and once again it proves that our industry can deliver technology changing solutions by working in collaboration with key partners.’