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Northumbria Police Issue Notice to Registered Alarm Receiving Centres

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Northumbria Police has announced that with effect from 1st July 2022 they will begin to accept automatic Intruder Alarm System (IAS) and Hold-Up Alarm System (HUA) activation calls via ECHO.

It is essential that all of the Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) registred with Northumbria Police move onto ECHO at the earliest opportunity to support the police force in continuously improving its services, specifically to Alarm calls.

All ARCs registered with Northumbria Police are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to realise the many benefits ECHO provides including improved response times and accurate data sharing at the first point of contact.

Northumbria Police expect all registered ARCs to move to ECHO at the earliest opportunity.

ARCs requiring assistance regarding their readiness to transmit via ECHO should contact their alarm monitoring software provider in the first instance.

Read the full Notice.