As an ARC, How do I connect to ECHO?

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All approved Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) recognised by the police and holding Cyber
Essentials/Cyber Essentials Plus are eligible to use the ECHO platform when it comes on stream. (see: for further information.)

All UK alarm handling software providers have details of the ECHO interface specification and are at
varying stages of interface development. ARCs should check with their providers to confirm the current
status of the development.

ECHO is interconnected with the BT Redcare platform and CSL’s Gemini Global platform. These
connections connect ARCs’ alarm handling systems with the ECHO platform.

During 2020, all ARCs will receive an automated email invitation from ECHO to commence the
2-stage ECHO onboarding to enable automated alarm signalling to ECHO-connected police
forces. Onboarding is a secure online process.

Onboarding Stage-1:

This involves registering contact details and all necessary information to allow ECHO to accept signals
from the ARC.

Once completed, final testing of signalling between the ARC and ECHO will confirm connectivity is
established. This will mean automated signalling service is possible between the ARC and all ECHO - connected police forces.

Onboarding Stage-2:

This involves an online declaration by the ARC of the number of active URN connection elements (Hold
up elements and Intruder Alarm elements) the ARC is monitoring for each ECHO-connected police force.
It also requires the Commercial Agreement between the ARC and ECHO be signed and agreed payment
arrangements completed.

Once completed, the ECHO service between ECHO-connected police forces and the ARC will

Not all police forces will be ECHO-connected at the start of the ECHO service.

As police forces come onstream ARCs will receive an automated email informing them. A Stage-2
declaration will be required from the ARC to activate the ECHO service for the newly ECHO-connected
police force. This forms the basis of fees due for the ECHO Service and allows the service to be extended
to include the new police force.

The ECHO website will be updated with details of ARCs and police forces connected to ECHO.

To keep administration costs to a minimum, ECHO may appoint certification bodies to manage ECHO
annual billings/payments to/from their respective approved ARCs.

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