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ECHO: When Every Second Counts

Article in Security Journal United Kingdom (SJUK) - August 2022

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In the August 2022 edition of Security Journal United Kingdom (SJUK), ECHO Director, Richard Jenkins, describes how transformational changes to tackle security false alarms 25 years ago are now being complemented by a significant further step change to speed up alarm response.

Richard discusses the experience of collaboration between the police and the private security industry in the 1990s and the positive impact this has had in reducing the false alarm rate. ECHO has been hailed as the biggest shake-up in the alarms industry this century drawing upon successful collaboration involving a new era of cross-party collaboration between the police and the professional private security industry. With over 200,000 alarm installations now ECHO-connected and supported by ECHO, tangible benefits are already being delivered, including improved police alarm response times and more effective deployment of police responders to ECHO-connected alarmed premises.

The future potential benefits of ECHO’s automated alarm transfer service are significant with possibilities including but not limited to lone worker alarm signalling and fire alarm signalling to fire and rescue services.

Read the full article on page 28 of SJUK