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ECHO Appoints General Manager

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ECHO is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Taylor as General Manager, effective 1st October 2020.

With an initial focus on engaging Alarm Receiving Centres and UK Police Forces to facilitate their on-boarding, Mark will steer ECHO as it readies itself for the start of the national roll out now expected in early 2021.

On behalf of the ECHO Board Dave Wilkinson explained, “The ECHO journey from drawing board of NPCC requirements to full service delivery is soon to be realised, and Mark’s business management expertise will be a key catalyst for this leg of the journey and onwards.”

ECHO now approaches Beta-testing of its automated alarms transmission service from Alarm Receiving Centres to the Police.  Vanguard police forces will be ECHO-connected from early 2021 when automated alarm signalling will be progressively rolled out.

More information about ECHO can be found at